What’s The Meaning Of Your Flower Tattoo?

Peony flower

Peony (Latin name: Paeonia suffruticosa Andr.) is a genus of peony and peony, which is a perennial deciduous shrub. The flowers are bright and colorful, and the jade smiles and beads are charming and magnificent. It is known as the “king of flowers”. In the cultivation type, it can be divided into hundreds of varieties mainly depending on the color of the flower. “There are many varieties of peony, and there are many colors. The yellow, green, flesh red, deep red, and silver red are top grades, especially yellow and green. The peony is large and fragrant, so it is also known as “national color and fragrance”.

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Peony tattoos generally have the following meanings:

First: Peony also refers to people as “rich flowers”, not in terms of temperament or shape, it gives people a very rich feeling. In ancient times, many poets have described this. Therefore, Peony tattoo also represents the prosperity of life, the pursuit of life and expectations.

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Second: People’s love for peony also makes peony a symbol of the spirit and excellent character of the Chinese nation. It also becomes the embodiment of beauty, with the symbolic meaning of purity and love.

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Third: Peony has always been very proud, has always been a symbol of not afraid of power. Legend has it that Wu Zetian once visited the garden in the winter and ordered all the flowers to be opened. Only the peony could not be opened and was later driven out of Chang’an. There are many legends about peony not afraid of power. In short, peony is also a symbol of the symbol of not being worthy of power.

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Bian flower

Bian flower: Also known as Manzhushahua. In China, the other side of the flower symbolizes beauty, beauty and purity; in Japan, the flower language is a sad memory; in North Korea, it symbolizes the thoughts. But the red flower, also known as Manzhu Shahua, the fascinating red is often reminiscent of blood, so the other side of the flower is also known as the death flower. Legend has it that the other side of the flower is the only scenery and color on this long Huangquan Road. They constitute a fiery red flower path that guides people to the other side of the Three Rivers, and the people follow the guide of this flower to the prison of the Nether. In fact, the other side of the flower, the original meaning of the flower of the sky, red, one of the days of auspicious four flowers.

The Bian flower tattoo generally has the following meanings:

First: the other side of the flower, the flower opens the other side, the leaves can not be seen when the flowers are open, the flowers are not visible when there are leaves, the flowers and leaves are not seen, and the students are in error. This is the sorrow of the other side of the flower, just like a lover who can never be together. Therefore, her flower language in Japan is “sad memories”, and the flower language in Korea is “mutual thoughts.”

Second; snow white and blood red shore flowers together represent death. It is rumored that Mandala is in full bloom on the road to heaven, and Manzhu Shahua is full of hell. One of the flower words of Mandalahua is: “Letter from Heaven”, a flower language of Manzhushahua is “call of hell.” The same represents death, but one is biased towards another interpretation of death: the new life, the other is biased towards the sorrow and sorrow of pain and remorse: degeneration. So hell and heaven are only one line apart. The difference between angels and demons is nothing more than the meaning of color and piggyback.

Third: full of hope for life, with unyielding spirit and courage to face life. The result is not over. With hope and courage, it is like a flower that will still be on the other side. Love is like this, career is like this, life is like that.


Lotus is a symbol of sacredness and immortality in Buddhism and Hinduism. The national flower of India is a lotus flower. There are seven kinds of Indian lotuses, so they are called “Seven Lotus”. In fact, only two species of lotus are lotus, namely white lotus (Finto flower) and red lotus (wave flower), and the other five are water lilies. In botany, the lotus is also called lotus. India is the birthplace of Buddhism, and lotus is the symbol and mascot often mentioned in the Buddhist scriptures. The lotus flower is muddy and not stained, and it is clean and self-contained, in harmony with the personality of Buddhism. It is because the lotus represents Buddhism and Buddhism comes from India, so the lotus is regarded as a sacred symbol of dignity in India.

Lotus tattoos generally have the following meanings:

First: dignity, holy. Lotus has always been regarded as a sacred and clean flower by Buddhism, and it is strongly advocated and advocated to learn the innocent and holy spirit of lotus. In addition, Zhou Dunyi expressed his love for lotus in the famous “Ai Lian said”: “To the lotus roots, not to dye the mud, to clear the sputum without demon”, with “the gentleman in the flower” The name of the.

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Second: the lotus is Qinglian, Qinglian and “clean” are homophonic, so the lotus is also used as a comparison to the official Qingzheng, not with the same people, which mainly refers to the official career. For example, there is a picture called “All the way to clean” composed of Qinglian and Egret, which is placed in the room by many people.

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Third: Auspicious, Geely. Lotus is called the lotus, and the “harmony” is homophonic. The folk auspicious painting, “Hehe Erxian”, is one person holding a load, one person holding a box to show harmony. He Xiangu in the Eight Immortals, symbolized by the hand-held lotus flower, symbolizes its beauty and surname, indicating Xianghe Geely.

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Poppy flower

Poppies, also known as opium flowers, big fireworks, hero flowers, flowers are gorgeous, full of aroma. It is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Poppies are derived from the poppy of the poppy family. Because poppy is the raw material for the production of poison, poppies are often regarded as the flower of evil. In Europe and America, it has the symbolic meaning of sacrifice, love, respect and nostalgia.

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Poppy tattoos generally have the following meanings:

First: the meaning of poppies is a temptation to lead to destruction. It is the temptation of this beauty that is extremely powerful and powerful. Many people are willing to accept this destruction to accept this temptation, symbolizing a self-destructive beauty. pursue.

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Second: the love of death: people say that the extreme of romance is death, but they can’t die, so poppies is “love of death”, gorgeous, noble: love is like poppies and fascinating, so poppies have a flower language: Gorgeous, noble. Forgotten, eternal rest, comfort, forget, sleep.

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